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Discounts for Military & Civil Servants  
Military / Civil Servant Discount

Police Officers

Military (active and Active Retired)


City, State, Federal Officials

Public School Teachers

and anyone  else who receives a Govt. Paycheck. . .

The Barefoot Woodworker is a War Veteran.

So, to show our thanks to all of those who serve our country  we offer this discount year round.  

(Not just when the sentiment is popular)

All Active (and Active Retired) civil servants receive a  5% discount!

Additional 5% for each of the following medals (or their civilian equivalent):     Bronze Star  •  Silver Star  •  Purple Heart

Additional 10% for: • Medal of Honor (or civilian equivalent)


Thank you for serving our country!
Who Qualifies:
Examples of who can qualify:
I’ve known school teachers cut by gang members (Purple Heart).  I currently know a Police Officer awarded the Medal of Valor (Civilian Medal of Honor).  
Some other civilian equivalents would be: Humanitarian of the Year, American Red Cross or Woman of the Year, Chamber of Commerce.

I have a cousin who has been awarded 3 Bronze Stars, 2 Silver Stars, is retired from the U.S. Army and currently working as a State Park Ranger.  If he ever comes in I’ll have to pay him to build his project.